We offer win-win HR and strategy solutions

Wusla’s HR outsourcing services focus on developing cost-effective human resource solutions that respond specifically to your needs and fit your corporate culture. Our aim is to help you create a workplace where your employees are motivated and engaged, resulting in better outcomes and increased profitability.

About Wusla

To help you move towards a more strategic HR management and hence adapt to the rapid changes around you, Wusla is committed to providing expert human resource services with the necessary education, skills, and knowledge to ensure that your organization is operating efficiently and strategically.

In a nutshell, we’re your one-source alternative to maintaining an in-house human resources department.

Mission & Values

Delivering services of superior quality to our client is our ultimate objective. Nothing brings more satisfaction than when our customers refer us to their friends and colleagues, knowing they too will be in good hands.

We value quality control through each HR service provided, while we also make sure it is efficient and cost effective. We also embrace the need for managers and employees to constantly learn and develop to be able to give more as a team. Most importantly, our services are ethical, consistent and aligned with the client organization’s culture.



Have questions?

Contact us through the information below or on our social media accounts whenever you need to ask for a consultation or to know more details about our services.


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