1. Do you have client satisfaction and quality control processes? What are they?

    Client satisfaction is one of our core values and performance objectives. Our management team emails, calls and visits clients on a regular basis. In addition, clients who engage us for projects will receive updates at least 2 times each month. Upon engagement for ongoing HR support, our team  creates a client process manual that outlines the organization’s specific needs and procedures. This is used to ensure that should another person need to step into our shoes for any reason, the information necessary to continue to operate HR is organized and easily accessed.

  2. What other services do you provide?

    Wusla provides servicebased solutions such as ongoing HR, HR audits, employee handbook compilation, training, performance management, and talent recruiting.

  3. What is unique about you? What makes you stand out from others I might choose?

    In providing its services, Wusla maintains consistent standards and processes. When a company hires us for a service, the delivery of the service will be the same regardless of team member engaged. Our collective HR experience is available to every client during every engagement.

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